According to information drawn from the CDC, the likelihood of you contracting the virus from your clothes is considered low if not zero, especially since there's no evidence that the virus can survive on clothing or even packaging.

With that said, if you believe you may have come into contact with the virus, or you just want to be cautious, here's what you need to know. 

Do I need to wash my Frebano polo once I receive my order?

There is absolutely no need for that. 

  • Our office and warehouse have been upgraded to maintain strict hygiene standards - All the employees are being screened and are handed over a fresh pair of masks and gloves before they enter the premises. 
  • Besides, all delivery personnel have been instructed to wear masks & sanitize their hands before handling any orders. 

While the CDC suggests you should use the warmest appropriate water setting and dry items completely, however, we suggest you wash your frebano polo in cold water or line dry only. Since the coronavirus is surrounded by a layer of fatty membrane, your detergent alone should be able to kill the virus. Kindly go through our wash care instructions in the care unit.


There is no minimum order requirement. Shipping is absolutely free of cost. Opt for cash on delivery or prepaid, you bare no extra charges.


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