A New Wave

Whether you’re a seasoned polo shirt aficionado or a polo first timer - From sports club to conference, from date night to playing with your kids in the park, at Frebano we can show you a whole new way to sport your polo.
We are a home to the worlds finest Cotton: Carefully chosen to highlight our sewing techniques and create a perfect polo.
Distinction in the Details - A wide range of polos with colour variations and varities. From plain and simple to button down, zipper polos to self made collar we at Frebano are fanatic about creating, experimenting and trying out to new styles. 
A Polo made to Fit: Exclusivity, Elegance & Unique Experience


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    We ship our orders within 24 hrs of you placing an order with us so that your polos reach you as early as possible.

    Our new colour palette of olives, maroons and navys will prove itself hard to resist. 

    The Color Code, Frebano